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The secret to an awesome and glamorous Smokey eye?

BLENDING!! (And some fab brushes- we’ve got you covered)

So, we’ve all seen a FLAWLESS smokey eye right? Maybe when you see a stunning smokey eye you want to recreate it, but you’re too scared to attempt it! I mean, there is a fine line between smokey and glamorous eye makeup and looking like a panda *no disrespect to the pandas*!

There are many variations of the smokey eye – you can create a smokey eye using any colours and any level of skill!

Below is a list of products you can buy from your Local Gordons Chemists store and guide to create that glamorous smokey eye.

What you will need:

  1. Concealer/Eyeshadow primer BPerfect Prime eyeshadow base- this is a MUST HAVE
  2. Eyeshadow palette BPerfect Stacie Marie Carnival XL Palette is my go to palette of 2019!  – we also have a wide varierty of eyeshado palettes available in your local Gordons Chemists to suit all skin tones, budgets and colour preferences)
  3. Black eyeliner pencil  L’Oréal Super Liner Perfect Slim
  4. Mascara (Whichever mascara you prefer) – I personally love the Note Sculpt Master Mascara.
  5. Killer brushes The Grainne McCoy 12 Piece Supreme Brush Set is a NEED *perfect for a Christmas gift also*
  6. Eyelashes (optional) – The Grainne McCoy George lashes are my favourite!!

Step by step (brown smokey eye – you can adapt this guide to any colour scheme 🙂 )

1. Apply concealer/primer over the lid and buff out (this acts as a great base/primer)

2. Set your base with a light/neutral shade in your chosen palette and buff this over the entire lid. *ashaa shade*

3. Apply a light orange/brown shade on the outer half of the eye *Sandy and Peach Out*

4. Blend two darker colours in the outer V of the eye, blend in towards the middle of the lid and just above the crease *Dirty Tan & Too Much or Brownie*

5. Personally I love to add a wee shimmer to my smokey eyes so next simply dust a shimmer over the inside and middle of the lid (do not go over the crease) *Date Night or Boss are my favs)

6. Take the darkest colour and apply this along the lash line – if you want a more dramatic look, blend this slightly into the outer corner *Too Much or Just Black*

The key is to always keep the darkest point at the lash line. It keeps the makeup really modern and fresh, and ensures you are drawing more attention to the eye vs. the makeup.

7. Apply a liner along the lash line, making sure you’re coating and depositing colour between the lashes! You can apply the super liner as a flick or apply a kohl liner & blend for added smoke!

8. Optional – apply false lashes!

9. Lastly, do not forget to coat your lower and upper lashes *including the fake lashes* with your favourite mascara!

The trick is to ensure each colour runs smoothly into each other – therefore make sure you keep blending. Bending is the KEY!! Brushes are super important to get that blend. When it comes to a smokey eye, it doesn’t matter how dark you go, or what colours you use, it’s how well you can blend the liner and shadows!

Top Tip – 

To create a neat and sculpted winged look, grab your translucent powder (Vichy is my personal choice) and a flat brush or sponge (Real techniques sponge – sliughtly damp).

Pack a substantial amount of the powder under the eye and towards the brow bone, and then continue to create your smokey eye.  Do not worry if shadow falls out beneath your eyes, this will swipe away with the powder.

Reapply the translucent powder if and when needed!  Once you have created your ideal smokey eye, grab a fluffy powder brush and simply swipe away the powder and remainders of eyeshadow.

There you have it – a flawless neat winged eye look!

I hope this helps you to create a flawless smokey eye and please tag us in your pictures 🙂

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